Getting Rid of Your Old Bulky Furniture

Moving or throwing away a large amount of old stuff from your home or office can be difficult if you do not have the right equipment and men to do the job.

Aside from the time it eats up, getting rid of this kind of clutter can be a very cumbersome process, especially under the Summer heat. The risk of getting scrapes, cuts and other forms of injuries is present.

furniture removal

Luckily, there are better ways to throw away your furniture than by chucking them off a cliff or dumping them on a landfill. You can simply contact a waste management provider. Companies like these can offer you dumpster rentals, clean-out services and many other services. Providers like these are quite common in Charlotte, NC, especially on different residential and business construction sites.

Wondering how dumpsters play a role on your home or office? Here are the three reasons why dumpsters should belong to your neighborhood and the succeeding clean-out, renovation and construction projects that occur on a regular basis.

Dumpsters are affordable. Talk to our rental company and request for a quotation.

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If you have specific needs for a dumpster, make sure to talk to us first so that they can adjust the prices for you if needed. The rental process is simple, fast and easy to manage.

Promotes safety and cleanliness. Notice a neighborhood that uses multiple dumpsters. Some of them are used for everyday trash, while others are needed to complete home renovation projects. Whatever the reason may be, keeping all the dangerous scraps, wastes and debris will keep the residents safe. On top of this, people in the neighborhood can observe cleanliness at all times.

It is convenient. For clean-outs and construction projects, the last thing a homeowner or contractor wants to think about is cleaning up the mess. Most rental dumpster companies offer cleaning services. You can avail both so that you do not have to think about keeping your space neat and clutter-free.

Though many other homeowners, neighborhoods, and buildings use dumpsters, there are still some people who look for other ways to get rid of their old, broken or ugly furniture than just by calling someone to take it away.

You Can Donate It

Most community theatre groups, high schools, and colleges are in need of some furniture. If you are throwing away some furniture that can be repaired, you can keep it out of your local landfill and give it to organizations that need it.

Repurpose It

If you truly want to reduce your carbon footprint, you can hire a carpenter and have it repurposed into something else. A large wooden crib can be turned into a kids’ study table. An old and broken bed can be transformed into a fully-functional ottoman for your living room. In a way, you are disposing your old furniture and getting something new in return.

Auction It

As odd as it may sound, you can auction your old furniture online and at least get a few dollars back from objects that you had already considered as trash. There are so many Internet users who are willing to purchase old furniture from a random person, and refurbishing it to achieve that hip and modern style.

Remember, the words dump and donate are not interchangeable. If you wish to give your old furniture away, be sure to clean them up first and that they are in a working order. It does not have to be the prettiest object in the world, but it should remain functional before you drop it off to its next owner. Remove stains, odors, pet hair, splinters, vandalism, or the like.

Before you take the time to do this task, check with the nonprofit organizations around you if they have a refurbishing program. As most of these groups constantly receive donations, they might prefer to refurbish or repurpose them on their own. Just be sure to ask before dropping your pieces of old furniture off.

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