Proper Ways To Reduce Office Trash

Every office or commercial space has its own specific needs. This includes eliminating the garbage. A typical office has two big waste bins – one for general waste, and the other for recyclables.

If you think about it, improper trash segregation can cause multiple problems for the environment. Furthermore, if your establishment hired a waste management service in Charlotte, NC, piles of trash can cause you a higher bill on waste management.

Properly and effectively reducing your office trash is not just a wonderful service to the Earth, it can also help reduce excess garbage fees and waste charges. If your organization is aiming to reduce waste for sustainability, here are some of the tips you can follow.

Reduce Paper Consumption

Most offices print out documents and other reports. As paper consumption is one of the most common actions in an office, you can make the necessary efforts to reduce this waste.

One main action you can take is to set up all printers in such a way that they can print on each side of the sheet of paper. If not, you can always collect all the printed handouts and use the back portion for later on.

Reuse Materials

Typically, an office would order bulks of paper that would arrive in huge boxes. Believe it or not, these boxes can be reused to store other office equipment.

These can also be sold in junk shops and other recycling plants. Instead of providing paper or plastic cups beside the water dispenser, encourage your employees to bring their own jug or mug which they can easily refill them with water.

Reward The Office With The Least Waste

There are numerous dumpsters in Charlotte, NC. But this does not exclude your or any company from being responsible for your own trash. If you are renting a dumpster for the entire office, make the employees aware that the management is keen on reducing waste. Group the employees into teams and assign a trash bin for each group.

The team that produces the least amount of waste will receive a reward for supporting the business’s movement to reducing waste. This way there is a lesser chance for the dumpster to fill up. Remember, full and overflowing dumpsters will cause you to pay for extra waste management charges and possible littering fines.

Consider Offsite Tasks

If there are certain tasks that can be done off-site, you may allow your employees to work remotely from home. This does not just reduce the amount of waste generated, this can also reduce your electricity bills.

Stock Your Office Pantry With Plates and Utensils

Employees tend to eat out or bring takeouts in for convenience.

However, if the office has the right appliance and utensils, they will be encouraged to pack their own lunch as they can easily prepare them on a plate and heat it up in the microwave. This will save your employees from high food costs and your company from excess garbage.

Run A Recycling Awareness Day

It is critical that you run a recycling awareness daily and get your employees engaged as early as possible.

This will help your employees understand the need for reducing company waste. This is also a great chance for you to impose the habits of recycling and focusing on the environmental issues that need to be highlighted and addressed. Help your employees understand how your company can make an impact if everyone is on board.

Reducing waste does not just lower the expenses at your facility. It also lowers your environmental impact. Make sure to find ways on how to save waste and implement trash solutions such as recycling.

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